quarry crusher

Quarry Crusher

quarry crusher is widely used in Stone production line process, the first process by vibrating feeder supply to the jaw crusher, and then be quarry crusher, jaw crusher in here the role is to bulk materials broken after entering the quarry crusher, achieve the 20-60 particles meet customer needs, the use of high speed rotor plate hammer on a rotating, produce high speed impact on into the crushing cavity material and broken, the quarry plate and make the broken material along the tangent direction to the high-speed thrown to the other end of the crushing cavity, was broken again, then from the back plate rebound to a plate hammer, continue to repeat the above process.

Analysis on the advantage of quarry crusher machine

  • quarry crusher can effectively deal with materials containing large amount of moisture, prevent blockage of quarry crusher.
  • quarry crusher applies to both soft material and suitable for very large hardness material
  • quarry crusher machine plate hammer adopts mechanical clamping structure firmly fixed on the rotor, when the quarry crusher rotor rotates with the rotary inertia with great. Relative to the hammer crusher, quarry crusher rotor with greater momentum, adaptation more hard fragmentation materials, have low energy consumption.

  • crusher can be convenient and flexible adjustment of the material particle size, wide regulating range
  • quarry crusher through a variety of ways to regulate the grain size, such as adjusting the rotor speed, adjust the quarry plate and a grinding cavity gap. Adjustment of the gap can be adjusted by mechanical or hydraulic, adopts hydraulic pressure can be conveniently by local operation button or remote control system to complete the clearance adjustment adjustment system. While the hammer crusher adjustment the grain size only by replacing the bottom sieve plate to realize.

  • quarry crusher wearing parts is small than hammer crusher, high utilization rate of metal
  • quarry crushing machine spare parts replacement is simple, less maintenance cost

quarry type crushing machine troubleshooting

  • quarry crusher vibration quantity sharp increase
  • Reason:Replacement or assembly crusher rotor plate hammer, not very good balance

    Solutions:Re install the plate hammer, rotor balance correction discharging excessive,Because the lining board or a plate hammer wear too much, cause the gap is too large,By adjusting the front and rear counter frame gap or replace the lining plate and the plate hammer.

  • quarry crusher machine inside generated the percussion sound
  • Situation:Material can not broken enter the interior of the machine

    Lining plate fastener relaxation, plate hammer impact on the lining board

    Fracture of the plate hammer or other parts

    Solutions: After stopping cleaning crushing cavity

    The gap between the fastening and the plate hammer inspection liner and liner

    Replacement of broken parts

  • quarry crusher high bearing temperature
  • Excessive or insufficient lubrication grease;Grease stain;Bearing damage.

    Check whether the right amount of grease;

    Solutions:Replace the grease cleaning bearings;Replace bearing.

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